The library employs a number of students throughout the academic year. If you are interested in working in the library, complete an application and return it to Joyce Saltsman, Service Desk Manager or send to: saltsman@pfw.edu. Most positions are filled early in the fall semester, so apply early, before or during the first week of classes.

Since a lot of students apply for jobs in the library and we can't hire them all, we recommend that you apply for other positions on-campus as well. Use IPFW's Career Services Handshake to find job openings and to create a profile for on-campus employers seeking student workers.

You may be eligible for Federal Work Study financial aid. For further information about Work Study consult the IPFW Financial Aid Office and the IPFW Work Study Guide for Students.


Open searches for full-time, tenure-track librarians are posted on the University's Website.

Occasionally, the library will hire librarians on a part-time, hourly basis. Inquiries concerning the availability of part-time positions can be sent to: harrisoa@pfw.edu.

Clerical and Service Staff

All administrative, technical, clerical and service job openings are listed online on Human Resources' jobs system. Apply online and create a profile to receive email notices of new job openings in the areas of interest indicated in your profile.

IPFW is an equal access/equal opportunity university.